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I just really want a fic with butler!Derek catering to the whims of kid!Stiles and kid!Scott.

And Stiles & Scott coming into the kitchen every few hours and asking for chocolate pudding

For gabbehxpineapple and liplesshail

"Derek!" A little voice whined from behind him.

Derek sighed, “Mrs McCall told me to tell you that there are no more chocolate pudding tubs left in the fridge.”

There was a blissful silence for all of two seconds before he heard a triumphant shout. Turning around, he saw a pair of little feet poking out from behind the fridge door and a guilty looking Scott McCall. “Genim-“

"Stiles!" An angry looking Stiles Stilinski poked his head out from behind the door, "And why do you keep putting the puddings on the top shelf? It’s not fair that I can’t reach them when I eat them the most!"

"But you told me you could reach the top shelf, Stiles?" Scott asked, cocking his head like a confused little puppy.

Stiles huffed, glaring at Derek from the corner of his eye. “They put it at the back.”

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Domestic Meme: Sterek

Big spoon/little spoon?

Stiles spreads out like a starfish when he sleeps, so spooning is a little difficult to pull off. Instead, Derek half lies on top of him, neck nestled in the crook of his shoulder and legs tangled together. Sometimes Derek will have his face pillowed in Stiles’ tummy and Stiles will be curled around Derek’s head.

Favourite non-sexual activity?

Stiles likes to paint. He’s reigned in that restlessness and transferred it onto paper. Derek will often find him facing a window, face full of charcoal smears, swearing at his own canvas. At these times, Derek will often hand him a mug of hot chocolate and kiss his forehead. Stiles can now boast that he has his own gallery and the paintings that are hung up in the Hale-Stilinski house were actually painted by him.

Derek has a little kickboxing group of kids that he teaches every week. It originally started because Allison wanted to teach her child to fight, and who better to teach him than the Alpha? Lydia soon sent her kid to him as well, and suddenly Derek has a class of around 10 children who run around tackling and pouncing on top of him. He grumbles about them to Stiles, but no one is fooled when they see him researching “how to teach kids how to fight without actually getting them to fight”. Stiles offered to help but Derek very seriously told him it was something he had to do himself.

Who uses all the hot water?

Derek, but only after a morning jog. He’s never really been a morning person so when he steps under the warm spray, he usually falls right back to sleep, much to Stiles’ dismay. It’s a blessing in disguise though, because Stiles is dead to the world and often misses his alarm clock. By the time he’s up, he’s only got a few minutes to get to where he needs to be and a cold shower is just what he needs to get him on his feet. It doesn’t stop his whining afterwards though, but Derek’s knows several different ways to make Stiles shut up. He uses them very often.

Who does most of the cleaning?

Derek. In Stiles’ defense, it’s because he’s home a lot more often than Stiles is. Derek rolls his eyes whenever he hears Stiles say that.

Who leaves their stuff around?

Stiles. But, again, in his defense, he’s the artist. It’s good for artists to have a forgetful side because things need to make way for all the creative talent. Derek just snorts in amusement and eyes the studio, Stiles’ most creative space and it is the most spotless, even though Derek’s has never stepped into it with so much as a rag in his hand.

Who remembers to buy the milk?

Derek does all the grocery shopping. Stiles will go in their with a short list and come back with the car filled to the brim. Derek has done the grocery shopping ever since and has banned Stiles from stepping foot into a supermarket. It’s not Stiles fault, when he sees the red slashes and the word ‘free’ he just has to check it out. And when he checks it out, well, he has to pick it up. And now that’s he’s picked it up, he just has to buy it because omg Derek how awesome is that, it’s 50% off!

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Stiles was an asshole.

But in his defense, Derek was the asshole first. Pushing him into walls, threatening him with bodily harm, actually bodily harming. And you know what, Stiles is done. He’s done being the squishy human that gets left out of things. He can do things too. Important things. Just because Derek told him to stay here (and he agreed) doesn’t mean that Stiles was gonna stay back and let his friends get tortured, ok?

Goddammit, he needed to apologise. To Derek.

gabbehxpineapple asked: Derek works in a clothing store and Stiles buys clothes even though they don't suit him just to ogle at Derek :)

I really enjoyed this one. >:3

"Stiles," Scott whined, "Why can’t you crush on people the normal way?"

Stiles hummed, not paying attention to Scott at all. He was surreptitiously checking out Counter Guy.

"Stiles!" Scott pawed at the shirt Stiles had been staring at for what seemed like hours. "C’mon man! That doesn’t even suit you."

Stiles sputtered, “Dude what? Like you know anything about fashion.”

"Your boyfriend’s right, it doesn’t suit you."

He squeaked and turned quickly towards the voice. However, due to his infamous co-ordination, his arms splayed everywhere and the world tipped on its side. He closed his eyes, waiting for impact but before the floor could meet Stiles’ face, a warm hand wrapped around his wrist and an arm circled his back.

"Um, hey." Stiles whimpered, coming face to face with Counter Guy. Oh shit, oh fuck. He stared at Counter Guy for a whole minute before Scott coughed.

Instantly, Counter Guy’s face shut down. He quickly let go of Stiles, “So, is there anything I can do for you?”

"Yeah, could you please smack some sense into him and kiss him already?" Scott piped up, already walking towards the door. "I’ll be waiting in the car, Stiles."

There was a beat of silence before Stiles’ brain finally caught up with the current events. “Wait, did you just call Scott my boyfriend?”

Counter Boy’s cheeks heated up, “You come in here every day with various people. Most of the time you come in with that guy. It was natural to assume that someone like you would be taken.”

"That guy is my best friend, Scott McCall, who has been in a steady relationship with two of my other friends for close to five years now. Wait, why are you talking to me? Am I your best customer? Oh my god, I am your best customer. That’s why you’re talking to me, isn’t it? Mmph-!"

In the middle of Stiles’ rant, Counter Guy just leaned over and covered Stiles’ mouth with his.

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one of your otp on their knees, mouth full of cock, helplessly rocking their hips while the other thrusts in and out through the raw red lips, fingers tugging at hair and pressing on one cheek to feel their own cock fill that sinful mouth, saying ‘good boy, such a good boy for me’, making them come in their pants with just words and then in turn coming into that heat, spilling over the clever tongue, letting some drip down from the now pliant lips onto a chin, smearing it and then dragging the good boy up, licking the come of, tasting themselves 

"You’re such a good boy, aren’t you?" Derek tangled his hair, lazily guiding Stiles’ movements on his cock.

Stiles moaned, hips thrusting slightly to the rhythm of his bobbing head. He could feel wetness gathering at the corner of his eyes, however that was overshadowed by the amount of saliva slipping down his chin. Stiles raised his head to take a quick breath, tongue sliding out to lick up the precome gathered at the slit.

Derek grunted, hands tugging Stiles’ hair, before gently pushing his mouth back down. With one hand still in Stiles’ hair, Derek brought the other to his cheek, pressing down lightly to feel the line of his dick in Stiles’ mouth. Derek sped up his movements, “Good boy, such a good boy. Come for me?”

Stiles shuddered, a high keening sound came from his throat. His hips stuttered against thin air. All of a sudden, he tensed up. “Ah!” he moaned, wetness seeping into his pants.

"Fuck," Derek grunted, come spilling on Stiles’ lips. Derek’s dick let out a few more valiant spurts, semen making a mess on Stile’s lips and chin. Stiles let out a hum of content before Derek pulled him up.

Derek licked at the come on Stiles’ chin before pressing their lips together languidly.

"Tired," Stiles mumbled.

Derek led them to the bed, body curled over Stiles protectively, “Sleep.”

Tyler Hoechlin: Shameless Appreciation (x)

Tyler Hoechlin: Shameless Appreciation (x)




my best friend just realized 30 minutes before her curfew that she’s an hour away from home in the most dangerous part of the city alone with the buses no longer running so she calls the police to take her home i cant stop laughing

update the cop that came to pick her up is a hot 20 year old guy thats flirting with her and now im not laughing anymore


Stiles turned around, his eyes wide with something akin to horror. Danny took one look at him at sighed. “What the hell is it now, Stiles?”

"My curfew’s in half an hour."


"It takes an hour to drive home."


"You live in the most dangerous part of the city!"

"Get Scott to drive you home then."

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